Doraemon Essay & Chota Bheem Essay

My favourite cartoon – Essay 1

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that take up the most space in your heart.

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Cartooning has been an important part of my life since I was a kid.  I’ve always had a connection with cartoon characters. I wasn’t the only one who liked cartoons so much. There are many young people in the world who love this illustration work. Personally, they like that cartoons reduce stress. The cartoon series was not only meant to entertain us, but also played a very important role in our learning. We have also found that young children are currently learning from cartoons. They find it very interesting and entertaining at the same time. I have a long list of my favorite cartoons, but I’m going to share with you my favorite cartoon series. So here are some of my favorite characters from cartoons and TV shows.

Tom and Jerry

I want to thank the creators of the sensational animated series Tom and Jerry. This series has a special place in my heart. It would be a lie if someone said they didn’t like Tom and Jerry. About the plot of the series: Tom is the name of the owner’s pet, and there is a mouse named Jerry in the house. Jerry is my favorite character. I think he’s cute. It was always about the fight between Tom and Jerry. Jerry stole something and Tom tried to catch it.

Jerry is very brash and provocative. He’s always bothering Tom. I loved watching them fight. They also symbolize the true meaning of friendship. As for the overall task, they made it very important. I’m sure Tom and Jerry is the favorite cartoon of all age groups. It is one of the most popular cartoon series of all time. It still has a large fan base and most people, myself included, still love this funny show.


Doraemon is my second favorite anime series.  He’s a robot cat with superpowers. He lives in Nobita’s house. Nobita is a very lazy but innocent character. He always gets into trouble, and when he does, Doraemon is there to help him. Nobita has a friend named Shizuka. Nobit also has some enemies, Sunyo and Jian. They are best friends, but they continue to bully Nobita. They always get Nobita in trouble and embarrass him in front of Shizuka. But Doraemon always comes to his rescue. He uses his super powers and gadgets to teach Suniyo and Jian a lesson.

Besides, Jian is a very bad singer. He’s always annoying people by singing songs. Doraemon loves Nobita, and Doraemon always helps Nobita with her homework.  After all, they are cartoon characters that we only need to see for our pleasure. Doraemon learns many positive lessons, as Nobita Doraemon has, but we do not. So we don’t have to wait for Doraemon to help us. We have to do it ourselves. Another lesson Doraemon teaches us is not to bully anyone. That’s why I love Doraemon. I’m sure many children of the younger generation will love this series.


Life isn’t always fair. Cinderella will teach you how to deal with it. This show is very popular with the girls. They love it. Even I love this show. It teaches us how to solve life’s problems. Cinderella teaches children that they have a choice. Cinderella is considered a beloved classic story. Cinderella is an orphan. She has no real parents. She lives with her abusive stepfather. She has a cruel stepmother who is always jealous of Cinderella. Cinderella has a cruel stepsister, just like her stepmother. They are selfish, jealous and vain. They’re also lazy. When Cinderella’s sisters see the dress sewn by Cinderella’s friend, they tear it to shreds. Cinderella, on the other hand, is kind to others.  She is good to the creatures of the world.

The animal characters in the series also teach us life lessons. Bruno, Major, Jacques, Gus, the birds and Lucifer are characters from the show Cinderella.

More than an entertainment show, Cinderella is a show to teach life. It adds value to the audience. This program helps children understand life after adulthood. That’s why this show is so popular. He never stops teaching. He has a special place in people’s hearts.


ChotaBheem is a story set in the village of Dolakpur.  Bhim is a 9 year old boy who is very intelligent and courageous. He always helps the villagers. He is the favorite of all but a few in the village. Kalia is a character who is always jealous of Bhima. Where Bhim was always helping people on the other side, Kalia was destroying things. He was jealous of Bhim’s popularity.

Chutki is a female character in the series. She is the daughter of a Tutu Mausi. Tuntun mausi makes very nice ladoos. Raju and Juggus are also characters in this series. Raju and Jaggu battle with Kalia and her friends.  Kalia has her accomplices, the twin brothers, Dholu and Bholu.  Kalia wants to prove that he is better than Bhim. But he fails every time; Bim is always nice to others. Bhim always helps others.

The story revolves around the rivalry between Bhim and Kalia. Most episodes revolve around the villagers’ problems and how Bhim solves them. It is a very popular show in India. It’s very familiar to children. It is considered to be the biggest entertainment brand for children in India.


Finally, I would like to add that the animation industry is very large and very popular. It has a large audience. The products of these famous cartoon characters, such as pencils, bags, tiffin boxes, are very popular with children. Nowadays, animation is useful everywhere, not only for children, but also for professionals in companies who also use this idea of an animated presentation. My favorite cartoons helped me to be brave and made me develop several good habits.

My favourite cartoon – Essay 2

My favorite cartoon Doremon

My favorite cartoon is Doraemon.  Doraemon is a cat of the 22nd century. Century comes to help Nobhita. Doraemon is Nobita’s best friend. Nobita is still crying and comes to Doraemon for help.  The cat has many gadgets, and Nobita uses them.

Nobita’s friends Jia’an and Suniyo bit Nobia, and Nobita came to Doramon for help. He’s very lazy.

Dorameon has a sister, her name is Dorami, she helps Nobita too.

Nobita continues to scold the teacher for not doing his homework, while Jia’an and Suniyo enjoy themselves. Only his girlfriend Shizuka helps him a lot. Nobita loves Shizuka and will marry her in the future.

Doraemon is here to help Nobita shape her future. Doraemon has a bag on his belly where he keeps his gadgets.  He always saves Nobita from his friends.

But as usual, Nobita fails the test and he hides the copies, but unfortunately, his mother sees them and he gets into trouble again.

Nobita is jealous of Dekisugi for being smart. I love all the characters in the Doraemon cartoon. Symbols

Nobita, Jan, Shuneo, Shizuka, Dekisugi and Dorameon.

Doraemon is the favorite cartoon of every child, every child likes to watch this cartoon.

This cartoon teaches us that we should always work hard.  Doaremon also teaches Nobita to work hard and solve her own problems. Don’t rely on others.

In this cartoon, we also learned about the good friendship between the two. Although Nobit’s friends constantly beat him, they sometimes help him and thus prove their friendship.

My favourite cartoon Chota Bhim

I really love the cartoon Chhota Bhim. This cartoon shows servants doing their best, namely: Dubu, Kaaliya, Dholu, Bolu, Chutki, Raju and Chhota Bhim.

From time to time Kaalia makes a mistake, which Bim also has to untangle. Kaaliya is very jealous of Bhim, but in reality he is too kind to Chhota Bhim.

Bhim and his companions live in a small village ruled by a king.

Another interesting character is Raju, a small child but a very big dream, he is always trying to prove that he is not a child/toddler.

Chhota bheem is a fully animated series that everyone loves.

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frequently asked questions

How would you describe Doraemon?

Doraemon: A 22nd century robot. The century that looks like a cat. Doraemon came to help Nobita these days. Doraemon has a four-dimensional bag that contains many gadgets. He is fond of the traditional Japanese candy Dorayaki (aka bean jam sandwich) and suffers from musenophobia (fear of mice).

Why do we love Doraemon?

Doraemon is a very honest robot cat. I like Doraemon because he cares about everyone and therefore helps everyone. But friends should remember that he’s just a cartoon character. So we don’t have to wait for Doraemon and his gadgets to help us in real life.

What is your favorite cartoon?

My favorite cartoon character is Chota Bhim. He is a young boy who lives in a village called Dolakpur. King Indraverma loves him a lot and is friends with everyone else, but he has 6 best friends – Raju, Jagga, Chutki, Kalia, Dholu and Bholu.


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