Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA) Course: Details, Eligibility, Syllabus, Career, Fees, Scope, and More

You’ve probably heard of the name Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA), a one-year degree program. This course is designed to deepen your knowledge of computer applications. This course provides you with knowledge of computer applications and scientific knowledge of computer and software skills. In this course, students will learn all the basic computer applications needed. This course has many possibilities. After completing the course, you have several options. This course is very much in demand in the Indian market.

This course will provide you with a good knowledge of MS Word, Excel, the operating system and the database management system. Upon completion of the program, you will be able to quickly find employment in many areas of information technology. Most IT companies are looking for people who have completed this training. The course provides students with a number of practical exercises to gain a good understanding of the subject. If you want to work in a reputed IT company, you should try this course. Students who have completed 10+2 in science or another field of study may take this course.

Often we realize that we cannot find work even after we have completed vocational training. This might upset you. But sometimes even a short course can change your life. This can open new doors for you to get a better job. The Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) is one such course that can open up new horizons in your life. The system is cost-effective for students who cannot afford high tuition.

Diploma in computer applications Area

After completing a DCA or degree program in computer applications, you will have good opportunities and prospects. You can get a lucrative job in any computer company. You can also get an accounting position in a multinational company if you wish. This gives you all the options. Moreover, there are always good career opportunities in networking ahead of you.

You can also make money by doing data entry work. Many companies are looking for data entry operators. You can just leave your work at home. It’s a carefree and peaceful job. The volume of this course is increasing daily. Students get a good exposure to information technology. During this one-year course you will acquire a thorough knowledge of computer applications. The best thing about this course is that anyone can sign up for it. Such strict criteria are not required for approval. At the end of the course, you should start applying to different companies for positions in accounting, design or web development.

Competencies required for CBA training:

Now let’s try to explore some of the skills required to take a CBA course. A short description of this problem makes things clear.

  • It would help if you had a passion for the subject.
  • That’s fine if you have some prior knowledge of computers.
  • Your love for the subject is also essential to this course.
  • Mathematical knowledge is also required for this course.
  • Try to be patient as you study the subject.
  • Try to develop your study skills while studying this subject.

Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA) Tuition fee:

The LOAD course differs substantially from university to university. However, it was found that the average price of the courses ranged between INR 5,000 and INR 40,000.

DCA Course Admission Requirements:

To be admitted to this course, you must meet certain criteria. Let’s discuss the most important ones.

  • You must have earned at least 10+2 from an accredited school or institution.
  • To take this course you must have an artistic, commercial or scientific background.
  • However, no threshold is required for admission to this course.
  • It is better to have a good knowledge of computers. It can help to get to know the subject better.
  • Direct admission is open to candidates from selected institutions. Some institutions accept entrance examinations on the basis of merit or the number of marks obtained in the 10+2 examination.
  • It is best if you have a good knowledge of computers from the beginning. This will give you a clear picture of how things are going.

Examinations for the Diploma Course in Computer Applications

In this section, you will learn more about the exam process for this course. It should be noted that this is a diploma course and the exam will be taken several times. If you take this course in a public institution, you can take the exam several times. The exam can be taken online or offline. It’s up to you.

You will discover important topics. Two semesters are required to take this course. You must remember that both semesters must be qualified.

Some of the basic courses covered by the CBA are software technology, web design, software piracy and computer security, software engineering, operating systems and data structures.  These types of courses or subjects within DCA can help you find a job quickly and smoothly.

Examination centres for DCA training :

All major cities in India have their own DCA course centers. You can show up in any city. There are DCA exam centres in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai. If you are from a nearby city, you can come to the city for the exam. The examination centers provide all the necessary comfort to the candidates for this course.

CBA Course syllabus:

In this section you will learn the main topics of this course. The course is divided into two semesters and each semester has specific topics.

I Semester

  • Introduction to computers
  • The basics of programming
  • Database of programming languages
  • Word Processing and Spreadsheets
  • System analysis and design
  • Computer graphics
  • Introduction to windows
  • Opening and closing documents
  • Text formatting
  • Special features
  • Union Postale
  • Processing of multiple documents
  • Windows Settings

II. Semester

  • Project management
  • Unix operating system
  • Management information systems
  • Financial Accounting Systems
  • C++
  • Spreadsheets and cell manipulation
  • Give formulas and functions
  • The basics of e-mail
  • document publication
  • Powerpoint with small presentations
  • WWW and web browser

Thus, during these two semesters, all the basic courses are introduced to the students. You will have a strong interest in the questions in both semesters. The course material is available on various websites. They give a clear picture of the course. It will be good for your future. In addition, some companies are required to provide on-the-job training. This could lead to exposure for you.

Career opportunities for CAD graduates

It will be reasonably useful if the price outlook is known. This course can help me get a great job and a better career. Let’s try to find some of the professional benefits of this course. It will be nice to hear about the prospects of this course.

  • At the end of the course, you can get a job as a computer operator. It is an excellent job that can earn you a decent salary. Most companies are looking for a professional IT operator.
  • After this training you can also work as a web designer. It is a professional who creates the look and layout of the website.
  • The profession of accountant is still open to you after completing the training. You can quickly get a job as an accountant in a recognized company or organization.
  • A job in software development is also possible before obtaining a DCA degree. As a software developer, you have the right to update and maintain the software system from time to time.
  • On the other hand, the demand for C++ developers is gradually increasing. As a developer, you need to work in a team or manage the team. That’s the advantage of this class.
  • Jobs in programming are always open to students studying the profession. Students can choose programming jobs in any recognized company or organization.

So, once you complete the course, you have many options. If you want to have a fantastic career in computer applications, you should take this course.

DCA Institute in India:

In this section you will find some of the major institutes offering courses in computer applications. Thanks to this discussion, you can choose the perfect device.

  • University of Calcutta (Kolkata)
  • Excellent vocational university (Jalandhar)
  • Jamia Millia University (Delhi)
  • University of Savitribai Phule Pune
  • Aligarh Muslim University (Aligarh)
  • University of Madras (Chennai)
  • University of Punjab (Chandigra)
  • Hindu University of Benaras (Benaras)

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