Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Course: Details, Eligibility, Syllabus, Career, Fees, Scope, and More

Chartered Market Technician is a prestigious certification program administered by the Market Technicians Association (MTA), USA. It is an internationally recognized certification program for chartered accountants that not only allows them to acquire better technical analysis skills, but also significantly increases their salary. In this article, we’ll introduce you to CMT certification in detail and show you whether or not you should consider it after you complete your undergraduate degree. In addition, we will discuss the career opportunities you can pursue after you become certified. Whether you are a finance or accounting graduate or work as an assistant, this article is extremely helpful to learn more about certification.

Presentation of the Certified Marketing Technician (CMT) course

The CMT is a three-level certification course, with the first two levels containing multiple-choice questions, while the third section/level contains descriptive questions. A CMT certificate can help you improve your technical analysis skills, which can help you get a better professional profile in finance or accounting. This course enables students to refine technical analysis so they can work independently as a technical analyst or work for a company to improve financial conditions.

Overall, the CMT is an extremely important certification program for students and professionals in the financial industry. If you are a graduate and want to get a certificate that will give you the best career opportunities wherever you are, CMT is the right step for your career.

Certified marketing technician (SMT) Course: Eligibility and other requirements

Before proceeding, we will discuss the eligibility criteria for CMT certification. Thus, there is no official right to a minimum qualification. However, we recommend that you apply for the certificate only after you have completed your studies and passed the program and study materials. The certificate is valid for five years, but if you are poorly prepared for the job, a certificate won’t help you much. So be patient, learn about the industry and consult the manuals and documents available online. Once you are well prepared for the exams and certification topics, you can register for the certification online and take the exam with the highest possible score.

Certified marketing technician (SMT) Course: Training programme

As mentioned earlier, CMT certification consists of a three-stage exam. For all levels, you need different materials and things. Some of the major topics covered by these certification levels/categories are listed here. Check these points and find the most effective and reliable course material for certification.

  • Introduction to technical analysis
  • Types of diagrams
  • Analysis of graphical models
  • Measurement of market power
  • Cash management
  • Market trends
  • Open interest and price
  • Mathematical concepts
  • Set price targets

Apart from these, there are other concepts that you need to prepare for the CMT clearing certification. So contact a reliable training center or CMR self-study materials that will help you learn more about the details of the topics involved in the certification and help you prepare professionally.

The MTA offers students 100 hours for the Level 1 exam, 140 hours for the Level 2 exam, and 160 hours for the Level 3 exam. Thus, learning the course takes time and you should not rush to take the exam.

Certified marketing technician (SMT) Course: Survey equipment

For the training materials, you can either go to an MCT training center in your city, or if there are no popular MCT training centers in your city, it is better to organize the materials in online communities.

We recommend that even if you enroll at a local training center for your MCT certification, you consider finding online training materials for the certification. You’ll learn more about the course, get tips and tricks to help you get better grades, and practice tests that are fully aligned with the latest exam standards.

Moreover, there are many online institutes that offer extremely affordable and reliable CMT tutorials. You can also share your thoughts online and clear your doubts by enrolling in online SMT preparation institutes. The choice is yours, make sure you choose the most reliable one to pass the exam with a good score.

If you are looking for a local training institute, we recommend you to choose a reliable institute that has a good reputation among the institutes and offers all the facilities that can help you to get a better result.

Apart from the study material provided by the institute, you can also look for practice tests and doubt solutions for the course you are preparing for. That way, you get more for your money and can take the exam with confidence.

Certified marketing technician (SMT) Course: Compensation structure

The fee structure for a CMT program, like any other online certification program, depends heavily on a variety of third-party factors that you choose to study the course. These factors are the cost of the training center, the training materials you buy directly and online. So keep this in mind and choose the most accessible way to learn the course.

A fixed fee is charged for the application for a certificate and the level exams. Below you will find all the information about the fee structure for the CMT certification.

  • Level 1: $500
  • Level 2: $450
  • Level 3: $450

So if you are ready to embark on a career and are willing to pay that high price, CMT training can be a career accelerator for you.  Pass one exam after another and get ideal career opportunities in India and abroad. The rates may change if you plan to take the exam. So don’t forget to check the official website before proceeding with your plans.

Certified marketing technician (SMT) Course: Career opportunities

After getting your CMT certification, you can earn a good amount of money through different jobs. Whether you are looking for a job in India or abroad, CMT certification has an excellent reputation among financial firms and economists. So this certification, combined with a college degree, can help you earn a good salary and be respected in this field. If you are still not sure whether you should take the CMT certification or not, here are the careers you can choose after the certification.

  • Research Analyst
  • Portfolio manager
  • Dealers
  • Financial professionals
  • Asset managers
  • Strategen
  • Financial professionals

There are many other jobs that you can work for after you pass the exam. Overall, CMT certification can easily create a range of jobs that you can fit into. Plus, you can work with a top finance company to get a big check. So, if you are looking for knowledge or a good salary, CMT certification can help you.

Certified marketing technician (SMT) Course: Should you vote?

Whether you are looking for more job opportunities or want to go abroad with a solid foundation that will help you get better job opportunities to survive, CMT certification can be a rewarding activity. Once certified, you can either work independently as a trader to make money without restrictions, or you can work for a financial firm to get paid more to do market analysis for them. Certification along with your bachelor’s degree can help you gain a good reputation in the community and earn a good salary. Over time, you can gain experience and look for other ways to make money.

In other words: The CMT certificate can be extremely useful for students and financial professionals who belong to the accounting or finance field. So, if you pursue CMT certification, it will help you to choose the best job and opportunities in the future.


Here is all the information you need to know about CMT certification. You can contact the best online training institute to know more about the course structure and MTU exam pattern. With better preparation, you will have no trouble passing the exam. In short, if you are looking for a certification course that can improve your technical analysis skills and help you earn a better income, the CMT is an excellent certification course to choose. Consider the points listed in the article and wisely decide whether or not you should go for certification. The certification offers great opportunities for financial professionals, and if you are looking for better career opportunities, this certification will not disappoint you.

frequently asked questions

How much does CMT cost?

The cost of the CMT Level I exam is $500: $250 covers the full cost of the program and allows the candidate to take all three exams within five years. The exam consists of 120 multiple-choice questions and is limited to two hours.

How do I become a certified marketer?

Graduated in marketing

Is the TM exam difficult?

I studied hard for the CMT L1 exam in October 2013. I took the first exam in less than an hour and a half (out of 3 hours, I think) and scored in the top 90 percentile in most subjects. I was angry because I had studied very hard for the exam. Rely on the Kirkpatrick/Dahlquist book and study guide for key MC topics.


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