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Most of the child marriage in the world happens in developing countries where the culture and traditions have been maintained by the people who live in these countries. These people change their culture as time moves on, but they do not like to change their traditions. This is the reason why most of the child marriage happens in these developing countries.

Child marriage is an issue that is being faced all over the world. It does not matter where you live, it is still a huge problem. The United States, once the nation of ‘liberty and justice for all’, is now becoming a nation of forced child marriage, children being forced to wed before they turn 18.


Marriage of children

Child marriage means that children are married off at a young age. Sometimes the girl is younger and married to an older man.

These people encourage child marriage because they are illiterate and unaware of the consequences of child marriage for them and their young children.

But according to a government law, the marriageable age is 18 for girls and 21 for boys. Against child marriages, the government has also passed the Child Marriage Restraint Act, which is intended to put an end to child marriages.

According to this law, a person who enters into a marriage with a child is punished with a simple imprisonment of 3 months and a fine, or is abandoned if there is no reason to enter into a marriage with a child.

Consequences of child marriage

After the children are married, both children have health problems and a higher risk of a shorter life span due to early marriage.

In the case of child marriages, a girl gives birth at a young age, and the child born has a 75% higher risk of survival, as well as a greater chance of low birth weight and a greater risk of disease.

Girls who marry at a young age are more likely to experience domestic violence and abuse in their families, and this violence causes stress in the girl, who may become depressed.

Child marriages also lead to illiteracy as children do not go to school after marriage and lead an unhappy life as they have no job opportunities and no knowledge of the outside world and how to deal with dangerous situations in life.

Causes of child marriages

There used to be a tradition of child marriages, where children were married off at a young age. The main cause of child marriages is poverty and the low level of education of girls.

Sometimes a parent prepares for their child’s marriage when they receive threats from other parents regarding their children’s marriage. A common cause of child marriages is the illiteracy of the child’s parents.

Child marriage in India

Child marriage is illegal in India under the Child Marriage Act 2006. This states that allowing or encouraging child marriage is a criminal offence and that it is the responsibility of parents to prevent a child from marrying at an early age.

There is also the practice of child marriage, where the parents of two children agree to a future marriage and the boy and girl do not meet until they are adults.

The system and practice of marriage differs from region to region among the different castes. Child marriages are more common in northwestern India than in the southeast.

The states with the highest rate of child marriage are Bihar, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. But now the laws against child marriages are stricter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is child marriage in simple words?

Child marriage is a marriage or informal union between two people who are under the age of 18.

What are the reason for child marriage class 10?

Child marriage is often seen as a way to preserve the family’s honor and protect the girl from sexual assault. Child marriage is often seen as a way to preserve the family’s honor and protect the girl from sexual assault.

What are the reasons for child marriage?

Child marriage is often seen as a way to preserve the family’s honor and protect the girl from sexual assault. It is also seen as a way to ensure that girls are married before they reach puberty, when they are considered more likely to conceive.

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