APA Style Paper Explained: Free Template & Writing Tips


You worked hard on your work, you wrote on it day and night, without a break. They are ready to submit it for review, but there is one more thing to do …. You must format the document as per the prescribed study plan.

Students do not like to follow certain guidelines when writing assignments. No wonder: You’ve already done all the work, and now you have to spend another day or two sifting through the scientific literature. Failure to comply with this obligation may also result in the rejection of the order. They don’t want to jeopardize their academic future, but understanding the principles of style is too complicated and takes too much time for a tired brain.

The good news is that with this complete and simple guide, you won’t have any formatting problems. The bad news is that you have two more minutes to read and think about this guide.

How to write an article in APA style was explained in a simple and accurate way. Take the plunge and embark on an exciting journey!

  1. Explanation and academic purpose.
  2. Universal model.
  3. Helpful tips.
  5. Extra BONUS.

What is an ABS document – short definition

First of all. Before we dive into the guidelines and lose ourselves in the work, let’s define some basic confusions.

What is an ABS style document and why is it so important? This format is the official academic style adopted and recommended by the American Phycological Association. If you are studying social sciences, you should be prepared for this style from the beginning. Moreover, this format is often used by students in other disciplines.

Generally accepted guidelines are important because they help to share information in a logical and expected way. By following a certain style, students can read newspapers more efficiently and always find the information they need.

The truth is, it’s not that hard to follow the required instructions once you understand how they work. But writing the very first article can be difficult for students, regardless of their background or field of study. Too many rules, too many nuances, too many online guides leading academics in the wrong direction.

There is no reason for students to focus on writing APA style documents. Thanks to precise, step-by-step instructions, the formatting process is no longer complicated once and for all.

How to write an essay in APA style: Utility model

It’s time to get rid of all your confusing questions and compulsions.

This versatile template is suitable for all ABS-type documents for professional (academic) and educational purposes. Follow the registration instructions carefully and step by step and you will not miss anything.

Police 12 pt Times New Roman The PBA is not a requirement, but a recommendation. You can use other fonts, such as Calibri or Georgia (11 pt).
Location Double line Anywhere
Margins 1 Anywhere
Page number In the top right corner Your page number starts on the front page.
Title In the top left corner Insert the title (<50 characters) in capital letters, starting with the title page.
Heels ½ indent Anywhere
Structure Page title, summary, text, links The structure varies according to the topic, level and purpose of the writing.

Start writing each new section of your manuscript on a new page. This principle applies to ALL departments, without exception.

To get a better idea of what an APA style document is, you can download free examples from our website. Use it as a template and modify your document accordingly.

Simple and clear: 4 tips from professional experts

Let us make the styling process less painful for you. Our editors work on APA-type documents every day. They use the following tips to make everything easier and faster.

Make your own checklist

Repeated actions make perfect.

Finding a good quality writing guide does not guarantee that you will understand everything right away. Better yet: Read it and make your own checklist. This way, you can better understand the information without forgetting the most important details. All the imponderables disappear. In addition, you can arrange and understand the instructions as you see fit, creating an organized list with quick and easy navigation.

Specify your sources automatically

The days of endless and tedious quotes are long gone. Anyone can now use convenient online citation tools to generate appropriate citations. Choose an APA-style format, add the source and necessary details, and get the citation you want.

Double check of initial instruction

This manual has been prepared based on standard stylistic guidelines and requirements. If you format your document accordingly, you will get a perfect document that meets the basic requirements. However, your institution or guardian may have different requirements. Make an effort to clarify your work instructions and compare them to standard instructions.

Write first, then format.

Once students are aware of the requirements for a paper, they begin to google how to write an APA style paper. When working on the manuscript itself, they strive to follow the guidelines. Nevertheless, it is advisable to relax and write the text without restrictions.

Rewrite your composition after completing the text and update the content accordingly. This won’t take long. You’re also unlikely to miss anything important, such as a title or a relevant field on the page.

Writing an APA-style article: frequently asked questions

Even with the most detailed manual in hand, students remain confused about style guidelines. The answers lead to new questions, followed by new answers and new questions, because the process never stops.

Having boring questions is the mark of every good student. To satisfy your curiosity, we asked our authors to answer the most frequently asked questions about the ABS format.

How to write an ABS title for a communication

The title of the APA-style article should be at the top of every page of your manuscript, starting with the cover page. It consists of two main parts: Page number and subject of the article. The number is in the top right corner, the title is written in capital letters and is in the other corner.

How do I make a cover for an ABS paper?

Writing a title is always the most difficult phase. Experienced scientists create a flexible head model and apply it repeatedly. Also, make a handy template for yourself:

  • First, there is the subject. Write the title in bold (upper and lower case). It goes in the middle of the blade.
  • Second: Write your name (no titles or degrees).
  • Third, a public educational institution.
  • Include the subject, teacher, and date the work was turned in (for middle school and high school work). Always print the current header (top left) and page number (top right).
  • Share the author’s note (for scientific publications). Insert page number only.

After the envelope, place the summary on a new sheet of paper. This is a brief summary (no more than 100 words) of your manuscript. Type the word Abstract from the main line in the middle (without the quotation marks).

Who needs ABS documents?

The APA guidelines are close to a diverse academic format, but are not discipline-specific. It was developed by the American Psychological Association and is widely used in the social and natural sciences. It has some similarities to the MLA format, but there are also important differences.

Is there a request for automatic application of academic classifications?

Unfortunately, there is no free online tool to format documents with one click. However, you can use an online quote generator to make it easier for you. Another option is to hire a human editor who specializes in stylizing academic texts.

How do I find the right font?

According to the latest edition of the APA guidelines, it is not mandatory to write an article in Times New Roman. You can choose different fonts while ensuring that the text is clear and legible. Please note that the font size may vary.

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