An essay on "What's happiness?"

An essay on “What’s happiness?”

Everyone in their lives is probably wondering, “What’s happiness?” I think each of us understands this in our own way. For some people, happiness is an “A” in mathematics, for others it is a new computer game, and for others it is a family or a job that brings joy.

Happiness can not be touched, you can not feel its smell or taste, but it is not difficult to notice it. Happiness – it’s the joy of a child who was given a little fluffy friend – a kitten, it’s a shine in the eyes of newlyweds, it’s a cry of the just-born baby, which hears the mother and overflows with happiness. Some people say they are not happy. And I think they’re wrong and just don’t notice it’s around. For example, spring has come, green leaves have blossomed – isn’t that a part of happiness? Or after a thunderstorm on the horizon, we see a rainbow – it’s also happiness. And even the fact that we live, go to work or school every day, make plans for the future, is also happiness.

Someone says that happiness is in money. And someone answers them: “Not in money, but in the amount of it. In today’s world, it seems that this is indeed the case. Everyone strives to earn as much money as possible, believing that they will bring happiness. Naive. There are things that are not sold or bought. These are love, friendship, joy of motherhood, family, health. This is what happiness is for many, but they persistently believe that money is true happiness.

For me personally, happiness is when the whole family, all my relatives and friends are alive and well. When we gather together as a family for dinner in the evening, and at weekends we walk in the park or go to the village to see our grandmother. I feel quite happy and happy with every day. Of course, there are times when I’m upset, I don’t get something, but I’m still optimistic about life.

In general, the question “What is happiness? – Rather philosophical. Since ancient times, the wise men tried to know it. And as long as mankind exists, so long as it will look for an answer. I think that there is no answer. This is one of the few questions that do not need to be answered. As well as the question “What is the meaning of life?” or “Is a man the master of his destiny,” etc. Let the wise men and scientists think about it – yes, anyone. I know for a fact that happiness is and cannot be happiness.

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