An essay-discussion on the topic of time

An essay-discussion on the topic of time

We can’t see the time, but it’s the time we use to measure our lives. It turns out that time exists, although it cannot be touched.

Also, it cannot be stretched out or squeezed at will. But sometimes it seems to us that time goes by so slowly! For example, when waiting for the end of the lesson. And a fun day full of fun goes by so fast! That’s why it’s hard for me to believe that hours and minutes are always the same.

It is believed that we cannot control time. For example, I can’t go back to yesterday and answer the last lesson better than I already did. Or go to the Middle Ages and talk to the knights there. That era is already past.

But I can still control the time, at least partially. You can plan your own business and have time to do everything you need. You can spend time usefully: in study, sports, reading books and other important activities. And you can waste it. People often complain that they do not have enough time, and they spend it on gossip, empty entertainment. Someone watches everything on TV, and someone is immersed in computer games every day.

But all people feel the value of minutes and seconds when, for example, waiting for an “ambulance” called to the patient. Or when the place of fire is in a hurry for the EMERCOM staff. A person also appreciates the time when he is late for the train, does not have time to do something. Sometimes it takes a minute to get there! If you took this minute away from someone who would have wasted it! And give it to the one who needs it very much! But, unfortunately, it does not happen that way.

Therefore, we should all remember the value of time. After all, every minute is given to us only once. The wasted time will not come back to us again, it will not live again. Therefore, time should be saved and spent only on what makes sense.

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