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A paper on Friendship

There aren’t many things in the world that are eternal. After all, gold, precious jewelry, exquisite clothes, expensive cars and houses – all these values are false, temporary. Over time, they depreciate, break down, deteriorate, stop being fashionable. But among the eternal, true values we can name three things. This is faith, love and friendship. “A true friend is the greatest treasure”, “a faithful friend is known in trouble” – how often do we hear these proverbs, but how rarely do we think about their true meaning.

It is very difficult to find a true friend today. Yes, each of us has many friends, whom I call one-day butterflies. They are ready to go with you to a movie or cafe, help spend money in fashion boutiques, laugh at a joke. But these friends will never support you in difficult moments. Why do they need a friend who needs help, who needs to be comforted, wasting their time? They’d rather go with other lucky friends to the movies. And they are not interested in losers.

But a true friend will never leave you in trouble. No matter what happens, no matter how bad the trouble knocks on your door, a friend will always be there for you, always ready to help, support, comfort. He is ready to sacrifice his time, money and even his life for you. This is a true friendship, which is an eternal and precious thing in life. And that is why it should be protected and cherished as a very valuable thing.

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