6 Months Short Term Courses After B.Com 2021

Bachelor of Commerce is very popular in India and many business students opt for B.Com. It should be noted that in today’s dynamic world there can be a huge gap between graduate intake and career progression. The markets are also very competitive and it is difficult to find good jobs. You have to have an edge over the competition to get a better job than the masses. One thing that can help you improve your performance is to take short courses after the B.Com. You can choose courses that add value to your resume.

There are many short courses you can take in 6 months, and these courses will help you develop the skills you are interested in. You can take these courses at the time of graduation, or after. These courses not only give you an edge over your competitors, but can also help you make more money. In this article, we have listed some short courses that you can take after B.Com in 2021.

Now let’s take a look at the options available to you. These courses can make a big difference in your job search after graduation. These courses can also be very useful if you are planning to pursue a doctoral degree. Finally, these courses are open to students from other majors, so don’t worry about offering them. Go ahead and check the details.

Short course of 6 months according to B.Com

The options are endless in terms of the courses you can take after completing your B.Com. These short courses are very work oriented and can help you learn skills that will be very useful to you. See the available options below.

1. Certificate in accounting

B.Com a lot about accounting and accounting practices. If you want to stay in the same field, you can take a short course in accounting. There are several certifications in accounting and taxation. Some of these certificates also relate to international accounting standards. If you want to stay in the same field and are looking for a course that will give you more knowledge in the accounting field, you can opt for such a course and it will make a big difference for you. There are several options in the accounting certification course, and you have the opportunity to choose your own set.

2. Certificate in banking and financial services

Many graduates choose to work in the banking sector. This protects B.Com graduates because the professional profiles are related to their subjects. Moreover, jobs in the banking sector are very challenging, so you can take advantage of that. If you want to work in the private banking industry and are struggling to get an interview, now is the time to opt for a certified banking and financial services course. These courses provide you with the knowledge you need to work in the banking industry. Moreover, you will learn a lot about the banking system in these courses, something that you will not be taught in college.

3. Digital Marketing Certificate

The following hot area available for digital marketing students. There are many jobs in digital marketing, and a digital marketing certification course will prepare you for these jobs. It is relatively easy to find a job after getting the certificate. With a background in digital marketing, you can also work as a freelancer. You can even do an MBA in marketing later and get a good package. So, if you have any interest in marketing, you can also consider taking a digital marketing certification course and it will help you a lot to make career in this field.

4. Certificate in emergency management

Another option for students is certification in emergency management. It’s a fact that companies are focusing on resilience, and one of the elements of that is disaster recovery. If you also want to work as a risk manager, you can take a disaster management certification course. This will help you if you work in an administrative position. They can help an organization prepare for natural disasters. Certification in Disaster Management gives you an overview of the different types of disasters and how to manage them. During Covid-19, disaster management became even more important.

5. Certificate in electronic commerce

E-commerce is a sector that is growing by leaps and bounds worldwide. Some Indian companies are changing their business model from brick-and-mortar retail to online. Companies are then looking for graduates who have knowledge of the e-commerce sector. According to B.Com, you can also get an e-commerce certificate, because it gives you an edge when you apply to an e-commerce company. It also gives you an advantage when applying to organizations that are in this transition phase. Overall, the field is excellent and the eCommerce course certificate can make you a highly qualified professional.

6. Certificate in event management

If you want to change the direction of your career and you are open-minded, you can also work in the events industry. It doesn’t take much to work in this field, and an event management certificate will help you get a job in this field. With a little experience and investment, you can also set up a business around event management. You can even select a specific area, such as corporate event management. B. Restoration or other area. The degree will give you a basic understanding of business, and it is definitely a good choice after the B.Com.

7. Certificate in financial modelling

Financial modeling is an area that has seen great development in recent years. The organization hires alumni who can help develop various financial models. There are many certificates for financial models and you can buy one. The factors that distinguish different financial modeling courses are the topics they cover. Some deal with capital and money markets, others with derivatives. Taking a certified financial modeling course can help you stay in the same field and increase your job opportunities. You can create financial models without prior coding experience. So don’t worry about learning the coding language.

8. Office Management Certificate

Many B.Com students often work in the administrative sector. When you enter the office management profession, there is a steep learning curve. An office management course will help you learn the basics. This certification course is also designed to improve your MS Excel skills needed for office management positions. If you are considering starting a business, an office management certificate may not be of much use to you. This certification course is designed for people who want to work in administrative teams in the service industry.

9. Certificate in public relations

Many B.Com students are interested in public relations and are willing to do anything to work in this field. The good news is that there are public relations certification courses that can prepare you for such tasks. A little research, and it will be a fruitful career path.

10. Certificate in retail management

Retail is a major employer for recent B.Com graduates. There are jobs in different areas of retail management. You might find something in the finance department or even the accounting department. Taking a retail management certification course will prepare you to work in this industry. In this certificate you will learn different things related to retail and nowadays in new courses you will also learn about online shopping. You can find these retail management certification courses and it will definitely be easier for you to find a job in no time.

11. Village development certificate

Many organizations focus on rural markets, creating a need for students with knowledge of the rural sector. There are many undergraduate programs in rural marketing and rural development, but what if you already have a B.Com? If you have completed the B.Com and are interested in market development or marketing in rural areas, you can take a certification course in rural development. This course is an introduction to the rural sector. This certification course will open doors for many FMCG companies in India. This job can also allow you to move to the countryside, which can be a dream for many students.

12. Proof of crown

The stock market is a lucrative option for people interested in investments and the stock market. You might want to familiarize yourself with fundamental analysis and technical analysis of stocks before you start trading with real money. There are stock market courses that will give you the knowledge and help you develop the skills you need to enter the stock market. The NSE offers this certification and it is a great added value for you. You can even get a job with stockbrokers like Carvey, Sharehan and many others. Jobs in this field are also motivating and offer you a great opportunity for personal and professional development.

13. Supply chain certificate

Supply chains and logistics are the backbone of the industry. As online sales grow, so does their dependence on the supply chain. If you want to work in the field of supply chain management after your B.Com degree, you can opt for a certified degree program in supply chain and logistics. There are many institutes that offer such courses and some of the top recruiters in this field are Amazon, Flipkart and many other similar companies. Today, almost all companies hire supply chain management personnel to improve the efficiency of their operations.

14. Certificate in asset management

If you want to stay in B.Com and work in the banking industry, we have another specialized course for you. Some institutions offer wealth management courses, where you learn about investment banking and how to work with high net worth individuals from a banking perspective. The bank offers these customers preferential terms and conditions, and this orientation is also stimulating. Once you start working as a relationship manager or financial manager in a bank, you can easily earn 8 to 12 million rupees. Explore this area and we are sure you will love it.

15. Web design certificate

Web design is one of the most popular fields and there are many vacancies in this segment. You can find work in private companies, but also many freelance jobs. You can work in many disciplines when it comes to web design. You can offer website design or provide your clients with maintenance or security services for their websites. You can even take a short course in graphic design that will help you create interactive websites. This area is a bit far from the B.Com course, but it’s worth exploring.

Final assessment

These are some of the best courses available after B.Com. and you can take them according to your interests. After this training you can choose to work for an organization or as a freelancer. Courses like digital marketing and web design have a lot to offer when it comes to freelance projects. This will give you a good start if you want to start your own business or be your own boss. If you would like more information on these courses or on any other subject, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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