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Football essay: – Football is one of the most popular games in the world. The GuideToExam team is preparing some football tests for the students today. To start with, we would like to make it clear that these essays can also be used to write an article on football or an essay on the necessity of playing and sport.

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50 words about football essay

Football is a popular offside game played all over the world. A normal football match lasts 90 minutes, divided into two halves. Every half has 45 minutes. A soccer team consisting of 11 players. This game is very popular because every minute of the game is full of excitement and sensation. The highest authority in world football is FIFA. Playing soccer makes people healthy and fit.

100 words about football essay

One of the most popular outdoor games is soccer. It’s a 90-minute game full of excitement and sensation. The spectator enjoys it until the last minute of the match.

Football is a game that makes us strong and healthy and teaches us the value of teamwork. Soccer cannot be won without teamwork. The origins of football can be traced back to Greek civilization. But the modern game of football was born in England. Today, football is played all over the world.

The most prestigious football tournament is the FIFA World Club, which takes place every four years. So far India has not made much progress in the field of football. But little by little, Indian players see this game as an upgrade.

200 Football annex

Football is offside. This game was first played in England in 1863. In the 19th century, countries such as France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Spain played the game. FIFA (1904) is the supreme governing body of football, which organized international competitions between nationalities.

The game is played on a field of 120 meters long and 80 meters wide with a leather ball. There are two poles on each side of the playing field, twenty meters apart. One goalkeeper on each side, i.e. two backs, three midfielders, and five vanguards on each side. The match is played between two teams of eleven players on each side and is officiated by the referee. The whistle is blown to start the game.

Each team tries to pass the ball over two squares to the opponent and the opponent tries to defend. The goalkeeper keeps an eye on the poles, preventing the ball from going through. The team with the most points wins the competition. If both teams score the same number of goals or do not score any goals in a given time, the game is declared a tie.

The game is usually played for ninety minutes at intervals of five to ten minutes. After the break, the games change sides. There are fixed rules for this game, such as no player may touch the ball with his hands or attack each other.

The advantage of this game is that it makes the players strong, active, fast, and obedient. Football really is one of the most exciting and exciting games.

Long Soccer Test

Introduction:- Football is one of the most popular sports played in almost every corner of the world. A football team of 11 players plays 90 minutes for a score. This game is also called football.

Football history: – There’s no proven football history. But this game, which looks a lot like football, would have been played in ancient Greece and parts of Europe. But modern football is developed or raised in England. In 1789, the first football club was founded in England. As the game grows in popularity every day. Football is considered one of the most popular outdoor games in the world today.

The rules of football: – Football is played according to certain rules and regulations. First of all, a football team must consist of a maximum of 11 players. A goalkeeper may touch the ball with his hand, but the other ten players may only move the ball with their feet, head, or chest. A football match usually lasts 90 minutes, which are divided into two halves, each lasting 45 minutes. However, if the score remains the same within the allotted 90 minutes, an additional 30 minutes will be added to determine the result. In this case, the game can be extended to 120 minutes. At the same time, if the result remains unchanged and after 120 minutes, the referee may decide to award a penalty kick. The referee and two line judges control the match and award penalties or penalties to the opponent if a player commits an offense during the match.

The benefits of football: – Football is a game everyone loves because it has many advantages. Football is an outdoor sport. Playing soccer makes a person healthy and fit because when we play soccer our muscles become strong and it also burns our fat. Moreover, football is a sport that teaches us the value of cooperation and teamwork. Nowadays someone can achieve a lot by playing soccer.

Conclusion: – Football is gaining popularity every day. This game is also very popular in India. Yet the American and European countries are much more advanced in this sport than India. So far India has not participated in the World Cup, but recently Indian football has undergone major development.


  2. UEFA Champions League
  3. European Championship
  4. Copa America
  5. FA Cup
  6. Asian Cup
  7. Africa Cup of Nations


  1. URUGUAY in 1930
  2. ITALY 1934
  3. ITALY 1938
  4. URUGUAY in 1950
  5. WESTERN GERMANY in 1954
  6. Brazil in 1958
  7. Brazil in 1962
  8. England in 1966
  9. BRAZIL in 1970.
  10. WESTERN GERMANY in 1974
  11. ARGENTINA in 1978
  12. ITALY 1982
  13. ARGENTINA in 1986
  14. WESTERN GERMANY in 1990
  15. BRAZIL in 1994.
  16. FRANCE in 1998
  17. Brazil in 2002
  18. ITALY 2006
  19. SPAIN 2010
  20. GERMANY in 2014
  21. FRANCE 2018
  1. PELE


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Last words: – These soccer essays are just to give you an idea of how to write a soccer essay for exams or competitions. Would you like to add more essays?

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