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Chrome extensions are a great way to make your life easier on the web. These 5 must have Chrome extensions for teachers will help you be more productive with research, organizing, and grading.

The best extensions for google meet for teachers is a list of 5 must have Chrome Extensions.

16th of January, 2014 Chrome 32, the most recent upgrade to Chrome in months, was released by Google yesterday. Chrome users on Mac, Windows, and Linux can get this update. Tab indications, a new design for Windows 8 Metro mode, and automated malware download prevention are just a few of the highlights of Chrome 32. I’ve just updated mine and am currently tweaking it. If you wish to install Chrome 32, make sure you shut all of your browser’s tabs first, since it won’t function until you do.


As you are undoubtedly aware, I have a section here called ” Educational Chrome Extensions ” where I evaluate and suggest chrome extensions that are educational in nature for teachers and students. Today, I’m adding a few more useful add-ons that I heard about via Mashable. These are browser addons that will increase your productivity and save you time when you are surfing the web.

1- Pakcager Tab


This is a fantastic plugin that allows you to share all of your browser tabs with anybody you choose. After you’ve installed it, just click on the icon to get a link to share on Twitter, Facebook, or through email.

2- Suitable for printing


Print Friendly is a handy add-on that lets you print any web page with just a single click. This plugin has the advantage of removing all advertising, navigation, and trash before printing.

3- Make a Writing Space


Write Space is a web-based text editor that allows you to write in a distraction-free environment. There’s no need to worry about losing your work since everything you type in this editor is immediately saved. It’s also fully configurable and works without an internet connection.

4- Use Gmail to send


When you click any email address on a website, this plugin will launch a Compose window in Gmail. It also has a button that, when pressed, will send a Gmail message with the page title as the subject and the chosen page content and link URL as the message.

5- Capture of the screen


This plugin makes it simple to capture the visible content of a tab, a web page area, or the whole page as a PNG picture. Before saving your recorded picture as a PNG, you may modify it. It is possible to highlight, redact, and add text.

The best chrome extensions for english teachers are a list of five must-have Chrome Extensions that every teacher should have. They are the Spell Checker, Page Translator, Cookie Monster, Tiny URL Generator and the Text to Speech.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some must have Google Chrome extensions?

The following extensions are recommended by the Google Chrome store.

What are good extensions for Google classroom?

I am not sure what you are asking.

What are the best Google add ons for teachers?

There are many Google add ons for teachers, but some of the best ones are as follows.

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