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This list of TED Talks is a perfect way to inspire your students and help them think about how they can change the world.

The “best ted talks for teachers” is a series of 5 TED Talks that are less than 6 minutes long. The talks cover topics such as the importance of having a sense of curiosity, how to foster creativity in students, and the value of using technology to teach.

1- Lisa: How Can Books Help You Open Up Your Mind? What happens if you have a childhood fantasy that doesn’t come true? As Lisa Bu settled into her new life in the United States, she turned to literature to broaden her horizons and forge a new career. In this beautiful, intimate discussion about the power of books, she reveals her unique approach to reading.


2- Angela: What is the Secret to Success? What is grit? Angela Lee Duckworth left a high-flying consulting career to teach math to seventh graders in a New York public school. She soon discovered that IQ wasn’t the sole factor distinguishing successful pupils from struggling ones. She discusses her idea of “grit” as a success predictor in this video.


Juan: Your Online Life Is As Enduring As A Tattoo

What if Andy Warhol was incorrect, and instead of being famous for 15 minutes, we’re just nameless for that period of time? Juan Enriquez examines the unexpected long-term consequences of digital sharing on our personal privacy in this brief presentation. He uses old Greek wisdom to help us cope with our new “digital tattoos.”


4- Ramsey: Three Learning Rules

Ramsey Musallam, a chemistry teacher, had to be jolted out of 10 years of “pseudo-teaching” to realize the actual purpose of the educator: to foster curiosity. Musallam offers three principles to stimulate creativity and learning, and get kids interested about how the universe works, in a lively and intimate presentation.


5- David: 10 Time-Saving Technology Hacks

David Pogue, a tech writer, offers 10 quick and easy suggestions for computer, online, smartphone, and camera users. Yes, you may recognize a couple of them, but there’s a good chance you won’t recognize at least one.


The “ted talks for education” is a list of 5 great TED Talks that are under 6 minutes long. They cover topics such as teaching, creativity, and starting your own business.

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