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With the rise of digital classrooms and note taking apps, everyone is trying to find a way to make their notes more organized. Here are five great iPad apps that students can use for audio notetaking:

The “best free note-taking app for ipad” is a great iPad app that students can use to take audio notes. It has a clean interface and easy navigation. Students will be able to type in their notes, record audio, and even add pictures.

29th of January, 2014 There are instances when taking a note in a written format isn’t feasible. You may be attending a lecture or a conference, or you might just prefer to listen to your recorded notes rather than reading them; in these situations, you’ll utilize audio note-taking applications like the ones listed below. All of these applications are great for capturing notes and adding audio to your notes while retaining the fundamental note-taking capabilities. I encourage you to go over the choices I’ve provided below and let us know what you think.


1- Audio Recording


Apart from being a simple note-taking software. Audio Note also enables you to use sound recordings to accompany your notes and even keep them synced note by note. The following are some of the features provided by this app:

  • Note and audio recording in sync
  • By touching notes, you may go straight to the audio.
  • During playback, notes are highlighted.
  • Text, artwork, picture, and highlighter notes may all be included.
  • For recording in bigger conference rooms, use an audio amplifier.
  •  Import and take notes on PDF documents directly (iPad only)
  • iCloud, Dropbox, WiFi, or iTunes are all options for sharing.
  • View your.audionote files on your Mac or PC with desktop support.
  • (For additional information, visit our website)

2- Recorder of Super Notes


You may use Super Note Record to scribble down written notes, as well as record voice and take photos to add to your notes. To differentiate distinct notes from one another, all of the notes are color coded. You may also create future alert reminders for your notes using this app.

3- A Sound Recording


Another excellent tool for taking notes in meetings, seminars, and interviews is SoundNote. It records audio while tracking what you write and draw, so you’ll never miss an essential detail. Simply touch a word during playing, and SoundNote will skip to the correct moment in the audio. Evernote (#4)


Evernote is one of the most widely used note-taking applications. It comes in two versions: free and pro, and both enable you to record audio notes that you can sync across all of your devices with your Evernote accounts.

5- Audio Recorder That Works Right Now


With this user-friendly audio recorder, you may capture high-quality audio fragments. Characteristics:

  • (1) Directly share audio-fragments through Twitter, Facebook, SMS, or email.
  • (2) When you move to another app, the recording continues.
  • (3) When the app is launched, the recording begins automatically (can be disabled)
  • (4) Recording may be paused and resumed.
  • (5) Directly upload audio snippets to your Dropbox account.
  • (6) Options for extended playback (pause, rewind, fast forward, etc, etc).
  • (7) Rename the audio fragments you’ve captured.
  • (8) Select between recordings of low, medium, or high quality.
  • 9) Support for Airplay and volume control in the built-in player
  • (10) Playback in loop

The “audio notes app” is a tool that can be used by students to take audio notes while they are in class. The app has been designed specifically for the iPad and allows users to record their voice and then write down what they hear. The app also includes a number of features that will allow students to annotate their notes, such as highlighting important points or creating bulleted lists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best app for taking notes for students?

A: This is a difficult question to answer as there are many different apps that work for students, but I would recommend this note-taking app.

What is the best app for iPad to take notes?

A: I would recommend using the app called Notes Plus. It allows you to take notes, draw with your finger on a blank note, jot down thoughts and more.

What app do college students use to take notes?

A: Many colleges use Google Docs to take notes, as it is a very widely used and accessible platform. However you can also do this on Microsoft Word or Apple Pages which are both available for free!

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