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Congratulations! You have taken another important step in your academic career, also known as writing a homework.

Unless this is your first time working on a research paper, you know how it works. If this is your introduction to the basics of academic writing, you may need some tips to succeed. In both cases we have prepared something special and useful – a list of 100 important thesis topics.

Even the most experienced researchers find it difficult to come up with interesting ideas to work with. How to choose the best theme? Why does it matter? Read on to find out.

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Topics for a good presentation Dos and Don’ts

Finding a good topic for a dissertation is just as difficult as writing the manuscript itself. A major topic should be unique and in-depth, and include a comprehensive list of reliable documentary sources. But smart ideas don’t come naturally. They must be created manually.

How do you obtain exclusive term documents that increase interest and ensure a successful document search? Try the following tips and tricks:

  • Take the time to find a topic. It’s not a quick process, and finding a good topic can take days.
  • Contact your teacher. Specify your requirements for the document so that you know exactly what is expected of you. Elements such as the formatting of the document, the number of pages and the structure you need may influence your final choice of subject.
  • Identify your area of interest. Each discipline has a wide range of topics available for research and development. Specify your domain and make it as specific as possible.
  • Use everything you’ve got. Brainstorming is the key to finding the best topic that interests you. Don’t be shy and shoot at anything that comes your way. Make a list and do a literature search. Determine appropriate research topics.
  • Explore the opportunities available in your field. If you z. B. search for topics for articles on economic terms, find examples of free articles and study them. Let’s see how the author worked out this question. Think about how you can interpret the theme to make it unique.
  • Don’t plagiarize the topic word for word. At the very least, try to rephrase it with synonyms and appropriate words.
  • Don’t choose topics that are too complicated. If you have no idea, it’s best to stay away. Trying to impress a teacher with a difficult subject is a good intention, but also very risky.
  • Don’t make your subject too long. Try to keep it short and sweet.
  • Don’t make your topic personal. If an opinion survey has not been done, avoid topics that begin with What I think…, How I feel…, My opinion of …. etc.
  • Don’t make your subject informal. Pay attention to your language, you are writing a scientific article and you have to render it as well as possible.

If you are looking for a universal list of dissertation topics, you can use the ideas given by our editors below.

10 Terminology of psychology Topics

  1. Homophobia and its impact on contemporary society.
  2. The impact of divorce on a child’s emotional health.
  3. The negatives and positives of teen soap operas.
  4. Schizophrenia as a cause of substance abuse.
  5. Panic attacks: the invisible pandemic of the 21st century. Century.
  6. Cyberbullying and its impact on teenagers’ antisocial behavior.
  7. Cartoons and their role in child development.
  8. Abuse: Is it the victim’s fault?
  9. Causes of violent behavior in children.
  10.  Insomnia: effective treatments to avoid antidepressants.

10 Topics for sociological homework

  1. Behavioral Patterns : Online or offline communication.
  2. The future of gender stereotyping: Will they ever disappear?
  3. Mass consumption: the main disease of the 21st century. Century.
  4. A generation of influencers and followers: How Instagram has changed its model for teens.
  5. The causes of antisocial behavior through the millennia.
  6. Feminism: an ideology of the future or of the past?
  7. Generation X versus Y: key differences and similarities.
  8. Legal and ethical issues in adoption.
  9. Abuse in the workplace: How micromanagement causes psychological stress in employees.
  10. Sexual harassment of women in the workplace.

10 Historical terminology Literary subjects

  1. World War II: The greatest tragedy we could have avoided.
  2. The Empire as the worst model of government in the history of the world.
  3. Why fascism is not a thing of the past: contemporary cases.
  4. The lessons of the Ottoman Empire have taught us.
  5. Evolution of gender stereotypes over time.
  6.  The church as the greatest instrument of manipulation and control of the masses.
  7. The Napoleonic Wars: The causes of the failure of the greatest campaign of all time.
  8. Greek and Roman cultures : Main differences and similarities.
  9. The relationship between the First and Second World Wars.
  10. The most important lessons history has taught us.

10 American historical terminology Literary subjects

  1. The September 11 attacks and their impact on today’s society.
  2. The main causes of the American Revolution.
  3. The gold rush and how it shaped what is now California.
  4. World War II: The contribution of the United States to world peace.
  5. The Cold War: Whose instigation started it?
  6. The biggest murders in U.S. history and what they have in common: Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  7. The most influential figure in American history.
  8. The Civil War: Why was it inevitable?
  9. LGBTQ+ contributions to American history.
  10. Make America Great Again: The Future of the United States.

10 Macroeconomic topics for semester

  1. The main causes of unemployment in the 21st century are the next Century.
  2. Human capital and growth : Prospects for the future.
  3. Monetary policy in real time.
  4. Global economic challenges and effective solutions to address them.
  5. Major economic and political issues in the United States.
  6. Capitalism in crisis and the risks it entails.
  7. Behavioral macroeconomics and finance.
  8. Efficient business cycles in third world countries.
  9. What should governments do to minimize inflation?
  10. The main effects of the global economic crisis.

10 Microeconomics Dissertation Topics

  1. Strengths and weaknesses of microeconomic markets.
  2. The influence of weather on agricultural yields.
  3. Immigration: What does this mean for the economy?
  4. The highest unemployment rate in the world.
  5. How do you turn small businesses into more profitable ones?
  6. Starting a business: Main problems and pitfalls.
  7. How can companies take advantage of the latest developments in AI?
  8. The economics of global climate change : What can we expect?
  9. The role of financial markets in investment.
  10.  Franchise License: Advantages and disadvantages.

10 topics for medical agendas

  1. Why bipolar syndrome is a clinical practice case.
  2. Why is IVF the biggest breakthrough in fertility treatment?
  3. Why don’t epileptic patients report seizures?
  4. COVID-19 as a biochemical development: alternative treatment approaches.
  5. Kidney and pancreas transplantation: major risks.
  6. Infant feeding problems and how to solve them.
  7. Current advances in the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.
  8. The future of diabetes treatment.
  9. Why is alternative medicine dangerous but so popular?
  10. HIV/AIDS : Is there a universal remedy?

10 Terminology political science Literature subjects

  1. Politics and the media: A modern scenario.
  2. Political advertising: How to make an unknown man the future president of the United States.
  3. The Empire must die: The political mistakes that led to the Russian Revolution of 1917 and why history repeats itself.
  4. Will sovereign states be gone forever by 2050?
  5. American political interest in the war in Iraq.
  6. Is there a better governance model?
  7. Victims of political repression: the biggest cases.
  8. Global Climate Change : How politicians use it for manipulation and speculation
  9. Contemporary Leaders: An analysis of innovative policy approaches.
  10. World War III: Political issues that could lead to a new global tragedy

10 Chemical terminology Literature subjects

  1. Nuclear fusion is ancient history: What’s the next step?
  2. The importance of organic chemistry.
  3. Chemical juxtaposition: Main dangers and disadvantages.
  4. The future of agriculture and food chemistry.
  5. The problems of aging: the main changes that occur in the human body.
  6. The white killer: How sugar is addictive and causes serious health problems.
  7. The future of plastics recycling.
  8. Alternative energy sources: yes or no?
  9. Vitamin supplements and their effects on human health.
  10. The effect of chemical equilibrium.

Best subject for a treatise: How do you find a good idea?

Having trouble finding a clear but unique topic for a final paper? You’re not alone, my friend. It takes years of practice and research to become proficient in different areas. You’re on the right track, and you’ll be at that station soon. But if you are still learning, you should consult a professional to point you in the right direction.

Let’s find the best topic for your dissertation: interesting, informative and original. Just say the word and we’ll put you in touch with a writer with experience in your field. Discuss the best options for your particular case and come up with a brilliant idea that will earn you a well-deserved A+.

We make writing easy and fun!

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